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I began thinking about beekeeping in the fall of 2012 after watching some YouTube videos about it.   Besides my initial interest in honey bees, I wanting to help the bees, I wanting some honey and I saw some great food storage benefits.      First, I joined the  La Crosse Area Honey Beekeepers Club and met a group of people with a depth of beekeeping knowledge that were willing to share it.  The Club offered a new beekeeper's class and I began to learn more about the Honey Bee world and became even more fascinated.  I started 2 hives in April of 2013 and even though they were completely new hives, we had cold, snow and a drought,  I was able to harvest about 90 pounds of honey they had produced.   Below are some pictures that I took along the way.    You can also visit my YouTube channel where I posted some videos about my adventures as a new beekeeper. 

Update: November 2013:  Tree falls in wind storm. . .


Looking between the frames inside the hive. 

Look at all the pollen on the legs of the one bee.

Here is a picture of a frame of brood with the queen.  Can you find her?
Introducing the bees to the hive.  

Queen Bee in her travel crate.

bees at work capping brood. 

Bees making honey comb. 

Bee eggs

bee larvae

bee larvae being feed and growing

larvae even bigger before being capped for two weeks and emerging as a bee.

lots of capped brood--below: bees emerging

beekeeping class

capturing the queen to mark her

You can mark her with paint to make it easier to find her 

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Runaway Website--where did the name come from?

Runaway Website--where did the name come from?
I guess they ran out of names.